The Solution

Working closely with the Mars Team to conceptualise this new product, Mission Control developed the forPAWS platform with fully custom and proprietary Machine Learning and Advanced AI technology to recognise and match dog photos at a success rate of over 96% accuracy - meaning lost dogs can be quickly identified and returned to their humans faster than ever!  


In addition to the custom neural network back-end, advanced matching system and APIs, the Mission Control Design Team pioneered all design and branding elements of the new product as well as full front-end development of the Android and iOS Apps using one of our favourite new tools, Flutter.

With one of the most unique and accurate dog facial recognition systems on the market, the Mission Control-designed neural network matches dog photos with unparalleled accuracy, using up to 17 face markers per photo, quickly identifying over 130 breeds (with more coming every day), and employing adaptive colour recognition, meaning even lowlight and off-centre photos can be processed effectively.

The Result

It took just 12 weeks to get a working version live including all design, app development, and ai modelling - but the results were immediate; with thousands of dog owners signing up in the limited test period in just two global territories. 

The amazing speed and quality of the ground up design and app development has become a catalyst for an entirely new division within Mars Petcare, focusing on revolutionary new programmes for pet owners and Mission Control continues to collaborate on a number of new solutions from app development to AI to AR/VR opportunities. 



“Our product ideation, design and development of the new Mars Petcare forPaws product truly showcases Mission Control's ability to build advanced multi-platform Mobile Applications with integrated AI using Open Source every step of the way.”

— Eddie Vassallo, CEO Mission Control

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