Mission Control engaged with Oxford University Press for over five years, providing a fully customised version of our Remarkable Content Management System - tailored and designed specifically for the Dictionary Web site needs of OUP Editors and End Users. 

Beginning in the Summer of 2015, Entropy embarked on a prototype programme for two African-language microsites - isiZulu and Northern Sotho - providing a full setup of the Remarkable Content Management Solution with an impressive number of custom modules built specifically for OUP (from Word of the Day panels and tools, to Entry and Landing Pages, to Ad Templates and Experiments). 

What began as two microsites in 2015 quickly grew to over 15 different language sites, including the massive and high traffic English and Spanish Dictionary sites which went live with the Remarkable system and were fully hosted and managed by Mission Control from 2016 - 2021.



Mission Control's involvement was not simply limited to content management - as custom Web pages (all developed in Ruby on Rails and tied directly to the CMS) as well as a custom integration to the LEAP tool and content feed (called LEAPER) was designed and developed for OUP· 

For over 5 years, Mission Control worked closely with OUP to refine and expand the functionality of the CMS as well as the Web Pages themselves, whilst always remaining close to the LEAP Team, schema changes, and mappings that had an effect throughout all aspects of the sites. It was this close relationship with the LEAP Team, and our initial integration - designed alongside the development of the LEAP system itself - that afforded us a truly unique insight into the requirements and demands of lexical data, it's mappings - and crucially - the effects and challenges of any data changes across the Web sites and the feeds.

We are very proud of both our bespoke development and customisations we performed for OUP as well as the hosting and management of the infrastructure - as the ODO/OGL suite of sites carried more than 20,000 requests per minute and generated an enormous traffic from throughout the globe. 


“We are delighted to be working with Mission Control as part of the first phase of the Oxford Global Languages initiative. We chose Mission Control because we needed a partner with a strong mobile focus who could launch websites quickly, and Mission Control’s agile methods and can-do attitudes made a good fit for the team in Oxford.”

— Judy Pearsall, Dictionaries Director, Oxford University Press

From massive global Web sites like Oxford Dictionaries to small startup concept and emerging products, Mission Control has you covered. 

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