Mission Control was approached by one of the NHS' Agencies of Record to develop a custom programme of Apps using Unified Development and our own content management system as a core and base. Quickly, the NHS Condition App Programme was born - designed to provide up-to-the-minute health, tools, and advice for people suffering from a number of acute and chronic conditions - including HIV, Diabetes, Neonatal Care, Obesity, and Pregnancy.

Using the Mission Control Content Management System as a base for all content across a number of conditions, Mission Control designed a fully bespoke interface for NHS Editors to input content ranging from tips and advice, to highly complex exercise and lifestyle regimens and programmes - all managed in an easy-to-use Web interface. The result - over 8 condition apps running across both iOS and Android (as well as Web) taking in content from NHS Editors based throughout the UK.

The programme continues with Apps for 'Mum & Baby' and the 'Anthony Nolan' Trust - and will soon expand to a number of new Web sites and microsites, all focused on the needs of different individuals with different conditions. We also continue to refine the Web interface for NHS Editors, providing them a number of new modules and tools to further enable them to make timely and intricate updates across a number of channels. 


“The work we have done for several NHS Trusts in the UK - not only developing re-usable and scalable Mobile Apps, but providing a full Mobile Content Management System showcases the best in Mission Control's ability to collaborate with direct Agencies and provide truly unique solutions for their key clients.”

— Eddie Vassallo, CEO Mission Control

Mission Control works across a number a business sectors - from large-scale Healthcare providers like the NHS to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK and Europe. No matter the size of your business or project - we are ready to help. 

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